Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Heritage Houses

One thing I loved when I was living in the heart of town was that there was always some interesting old house to see along the way.  I don't enjoy that kind of treat anymore because where I live right now, the houses are mostly straight lines and concrete. I miss seeing these houses with their fancy grillwork and ventanillas, and all those little flourishes that hark back to a genteel era. Even when sometimes it's obvious they've seen better days, I still like to see them and imagine what life might have been like inside those houses during their glory days.

From Bayan up to Concepcion, aside from the VILLONGCO, BENEDICTO LUNA AND BORJA houses which I photographed previously, there are two more on General Luna Street and one a little off the corner of General Luna and Governor Pascual Avenue.

On the right, before you get to the Iglesia ni Kristo Lokal ng Malabon, is the SINFOROSO PASCUAL House.  As is the common plight of most Malabon residences, the ground floor of this house has become much lower than street level simply because the street level has been raised so much.  You could probably stand on the street and shake hands with whoever is at the second floor window!

A little past the Iglesia on your left, you will find the DIONISIO HOUSE at the corner of General Luna and Sigwa Streets. Built around 1920, the house still looks very elegant. 

You wouldn't know that the BUENAVENTURA HOUSE exists if you were not from the Concepcion area, because it's hidden behind a building on Governor Pascual Avenue.  But it's right there.  And I always get to admire it because whenever we park our car on General Luna Street across the old Lunasol Pharmacy, to get back to Governor Pascual Avenue we have to make a slight detour first to the street where this beautiful house is located.  That's why this is one detour I don't mind making!

1Corrigendum on August 2, 2010:  I first indicated the house as the Sinforoso Pascual House based on
which showed this particular house.  However, my friend Arch. Richard Bautista has corrected me, saying that this is the SINFROSO PASCUAL HOUSE.  "Sinforoso" Pascual and "Sinfroso" Pascual are apparently two different people.

2/ Note on September 12, 2010: Please see new comments below regarding the PASCUAL HOUSE.



  1. sinforoso pascual is a different person, Sinfroso Pascual was the Mayor of Malabon

  2. Thanks, Richard. I've just issued a corrigendum. Good thing you are there to guide me!

  3. is noel using a 50 mm lens? i love the way how the dionisio house was taken. parang 50 mm, it looks so straight. walang distortion.

  4. hi , id like to correct on something,
    the old house featured before u get the Iglesia ni Kristo lokal is the house of Sinforoso (not Sinfroso A. Pascual) S. Pascual, former Mayor of Malabon City. im one of the grand children of Mayor Sinforoso Pascual

  5. Anonymous, thank you for your comment. I have to admit that the Pascual house has left me confused because of the similarities in the first names.

  6. THE SINFROSO PASCUAL HOUSE is my bestfriend's home! hehe!

  7. Denden, I have changed the first name back to Sinforoso. Seems there is also a Sinfroso Pascual. Really confusing. But thanks for dropping by!

  8. Hello, Cecile

    I'm as confused as you are.

    According to richard, on his August comment, SINFROSO Pascual was the mayor of Malabon. But according to anonymous, who claims to be a grandson Sinforoso S. Pascual, it's the latter who was the mayor of Malabon. So, who is which, really?

    By the way, I've edited the wikimapia entry based on Anonymous' comment:

  9. Jun, I just checked the Rizal Province website and its listing of governors from 1901 (the year Rizal province was created) up to the present shows that the only Pascual-surnamed governors were Andres (1925-1928) and Wenceslao (1952-1955).

    I also checked Judge Salvador Sevilla's write-up on the History of Malabon-Navotas (1976). It is listed there that Sinforoso Pascual was mayor of Malabon from 1925-1931.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for your comment and for editing the wikimapia entry.

  10. Hi. Im the annonymous. sori i havent edited it when I made the comment. and im one of the great grandchildren of Sinforoso (not grandchildren, sori my bad).

  11. Gerald, thanks for the clarification.